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Pot clay is limited natural resource created by the earth over an eternity of time.
In order to continue utilizing such limited resource far into the future,
companies from the Mino ware production area have voluntarily come together to build a recycling system for ceramics.

Once-fired ceramics are pulverized to fine powder and mixed with new clay,
which is then used to create new ceramic-ware.
This series is made from such material.



GREEN LIFE 21PROJECT (GL21) is an earthenware recycling project. It attempts to reuse unnecessary earthenware to make material for creating new pieces.
The raw material for earthenware is extracted from earth. However, once it is fired, it cannot be decomposed back to it’s original state even after thousand years. The only place to dispose old earthenware has been in a landfill.
Will it be possible to recycle it into material for earthenware once again? The answer to this question has lead to “Re-plateware”, which is created using recycled clay. Old earthenware is pulverized into particles smaller than 1mm and kneaded into new clay at a rate of 20 percent or more. (50 per cent is now being experimented.) TRIP WARE contains 20 percent of recycled material.
GL21 is made possible by the organization of companies that take part in collecting, transporting, pulverizing old earthenware, producing clay, creating, and distributing the “Re-plateware.”
Raw materials for pottery such as clay, feldspar and silica are all limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time. GL21 is a significant activity to help conserve natural environment by giving new life to old earthenware and reduce consumption of limited materials.


*There are areas collecting earthen ware for recycling. For more information, visit the website of GL21.


There are many situations where a storage container comes in handy.
You might want to keep dinner ready for a family member that would eat later,
or you might cook extra portions for the next day.
As TRIP WARE is designed as tableware as well as a container,
it serves food nicely just as it has been stored.

*Microwave safe/Dish washer safe

【Glaze Color】

left to right: White / Water Blue / Green / Ivory / Caramel

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  • Bowl

    Whether they are the same size or different size, bowls can be neatly stacked. They are easy to use as dishes as well as storage containers. When they are covered with a lid, bowls can be placed stably one on top of another.

  • Lid

    Three sizes are available to match the size of the bowls. Although they are called “lids”, their flatness can be easily utilized to serve desserts and fruits.

  • Plate

    This simple plate matches any cuisine whether it be a Japanese or a European dish. As it has a higher rim, it can also be used as a curry plate. By covering a plate with a bowl, meals can be stored without changing the presentation on the plate.

  • Cup

    These cups can be used in many ways such as serving soup and drinking tea. They are also good as cups to hold sauce for dipping soba noodles.

  • Mug

    These mugs are stackable with each other and with cups, without the handles clashing. Since they are neatly stackable, they won’t take much storage space. A size 90 lid is perfect to use with Mug 90, when you want to brew tea or keep something warm inside.

  • Straight Bowl

    Perfect for serving main dishes, or salads. They are also a great size for rice bowl dishes (donburi) and noodles. You can also combine them with lids to use as containers.

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